Shenzhen Eternity Ju Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of network cables & digital transmission wires, integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. Main products include RJ45 cable, RJ11 cable, USB cable, HDMI cable, and RCA cable, widely used in connection of audio, video, digital, image, and other fields.


      EJE was established in 2004 and is headquartered in the international city Shenzhen. It covers an area of 6,000㎡, including a factory building and a staff dormitory, current employees more than 200. Due to business growth and the company's long-term strategic development, EJE set up a branch in Anfu, Jiangxi Province in 2010, named Anfu Eternity Ju Technology Co., Ltd. Anfu EJE covers an area of more than 27,000㎡, including 2 plants, 2 dormitory buildings, 1 office building, 1,300 people employees currently.

-- The products and factory certificates are complete. Shenzhen Plant and Anfu Plant both passed ISO9001/2015 and ISO14001/2015 certificates. The products have passed the UL, Anatel, RCM, and HDMI ATC Testing. EJE upholds the concept of environmentally-friendly production. The products meet the environmental protection requirements of laws and regulations.

Our products are different

-- Established in 2004, focus on network cable’s developing and manufacturing.
-- Daily capacity 500,000pcs, monthly capacity 15,000,000pcs. 
-- R&D team is experienced, obtained more than 10 patents. In 2016, we get the title of “national high-tech enterprise”.
-- Cooperating with many wold-wide brands, like HUAWEI, ZTE, TENDA, TP-LINK, etc.

Our company is different

--The factory is equipped with an integrated production facility for wire extrusion and wire processing. Currently, it has 13 pull-out machines, 25 wire twisting machines, 120 injection molding machines, telephone line automation machines, several automatic/semi-automatic cable tie machines, peeling machines, and automatic labeling machines.
--Laboratory test machines are fully equipped: EDX1800/ROHS detector, FLUKE network analyzer, pressure tester, swing tester, Shore hardness tester, color difference analyzer, salt spray tester, elongation tester, plug Force testing machine, and other reliability testing equipments.


Our equipments are complete

Classic Black&white Fabric Type-C cable

90°Double sided USB to type-c cable

Sky Blue fabric Android USB cable

Spring USB to type-c cable

Fast charging USB cable



HDMI Cable

Network Cable
Telephone Cable
USB Cable
HDMI Cable
April 2019-Russia Moscow SVIAZ ICT Exhibition
April 2019-Photo of Russia Moscow SVIAZ ICT Exhibition
April 2019--Hong Kong global source exhibition
April 2019--Photo of Hong Kong global source exhibition
2018 Egypt Cairo ICT Exhibition
2018EgyptCairoICTExhibition  EJEtookpartin2018EgyptCairoICTExhibition,25th-28th,Nov.It'stheleadinginternationalICTtradefairandforumfortheMiddleEastandAfrica,heldunderhisauspicesatEgyptInternationalExh
2018 HK Global Sources Electronic Exhibition
2018 HK Global Sources Electronic Exhibition
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